ZetaWare, Utilities --- ZetaLog LAS Viewer

Simply drop you LAS file into the window.

   Just drop an LAS file into the program window and you are there!
   Imports ASCII data to overlay with your logs
   Click and drag to switch the tracks.
   Right mouse click on the tracks to customize
   Customizable line color, style and width, axis, overlay etc.
   Change log scale on the fly with the tool bar.
   Copy plot to graphics programs in editable WMF format.
   Meter or feet axis or both at any position, drag to move.
   You will not forget how to use it next time.
   LAS version 2.0/3.0 compatible.
   New version 3.0, Interactively draw lithology and text columns.
   New version 3.7, August 2015, support for wrapped lines, and correlation tools, Paste Excel tables, etc.

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