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Qatar example:

In this example the Hanifa source rock is used to start 3D migration fill and spill paths. Accumulations in the Arabs formation immediately above the source are shown as green colors. The orange colored accumulations are in Cretaceous Shuaiba formation sourced from the Hanifa. T3 seems to match all the accumulations in the area easily with a simple basic geological model. It also predicted location of the hydrodynamically trapped Al Shaheen field in Cretaceous spot on.

Migration in the Arabs are mostly horizontal except in the deeper flanks of the arch where higher structure relief allows high enough columns to be built to cause leaking in to the Cretaceous. A potentiometric map derived from well data is used to model the hydrodynamic nature of migration in the Cretaceous. This predicted the location of the Al Shaheen field, which has no up dip closure to the northwest.

This approach that matches existing fields with the minimum geological model allows calibration of the migration model to the local geology and the power to predict other possible accumulations.

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